Android Roulette Apps

A classic casino game that has continued to entertain players for many years is the game of roulette. The software designers for the Android real play casinos have been quick to design real money roulette app for Android users to enjoy on their mobile devices, wherever they may be. The Android roulette real money games have been designed to take advantage of all the devices functions.

How to Play Android Roulette

Once the player has set up a mobile casino account and deposited some money, he can simply tap on the roulette game and begin to play. Most of the mobile casinos have individual apps for different games so that players do not have to download all of the apps at once. Players can download as many of the apps as they like from the casino. Many of the Android play stores offer the game of roulette in the fun mode. Player’s who wish to play the game for real money, should find a reputable mobile casino that allows players to win real money when playing roulette.

How and When to Place a Bet

There are two phases to the Android roulette casino games. During the first phase of the game, the player must place a bet on the roulette table as to where he thinks the ball will land after spinning around the roulette wheel. The player has a number of different bets that he can make including the option of betting on a small group of numbers, or even a single number, or he may, bet on a larger group of numbers such as all the odd or even numbers on the wheel. There are 37 or 38 different pockets around the roulette wheel, depending on the version of roulette being played.

Wait to See if You Won

Once the player has made his bet, he can sit back and watch the wheel spin, before beginning to slow down. At this stage, the ball will come to land in one of the pockets around the wheel. If the ball lands into one of the numbers that the player bet on, the player will receive a payout. If not, the player will have lost the game and he can choose to play again.

The amount the player wins will depend how much the player has bet, and how many numbers the player has bet on. The different payouts are clearly marked on the Android screen.

There are a wide variety of different roulette variations apps for the Android phone from reputable casinos. Players can enjoy trying their hand at the different variations, from the more classic variations, to some more unique ones.